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WW2 R.A.F ( Royal Air Force) white metal cap badge

Bit of a mystery this one, chrome plated other ranks cap badge with rear brooch back pin fixing, this is so mint and well done this appears to have been made by the original manufacturer,possibly for band or regimental police

Code: 60282

14.00 GBP

Early Air Training Corps brooch fixing Beret badge

Unusual to find as a brooch back version in mint condition

Code: 60199

7.00 GBP

WW2 ladies compact with RAF badge over tartan back ground

Unusual little chromed metal powder compact with tartan backed RAF badge mounted on lid

Code: 60079

10.00 GBP

WW2 RAF pathfinders Gilt Wing

WW2 Royal Air Force Pathfinders Breast Wing in superb condition, it appears that below the brooch fixing is the makers name which might be Ludlow London

Code: 60016

115.00 GBP

Royal Observer Corps 25 Shoulder title

Dark blue wool title removed from uniform

Code: 60006

5.00 GBP

WW2 R.A.F Flight Lieutenants Great coat Shoulder boards

Matching pair of Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenants Shoulder Rank Boards in great condition

Code: 59945


WW1 R.F.C ( Royal Flying Corps) ORs Cap badge

Brass Other Ranks R.F.C cap badge in great condition

Code: 59895


Post 1918 RAF ,Locally Made ( Middle East, India?) Cap Badge

Sand cast brass Other Ranks Cap badge possibly made in Iraq, Middle East or India, interesting badge

Code: 59896

15.00 GBP

R.F.C ( Royal Flying Corps) Officers Button

Large 25mm brass button in great condition

Code: 59897


RAF Master Crew II Cloth Arm Badge 1946-50

Right facing Royal Air Force Master Crew qualification Sleeve badge, removed from uniform in great condition

Code: 59835