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Operation Desert Storm , probably U.S.A.F

Great looking novelty patch from the first Gulf War

Code: 59952

5.00 GBP

Desert Storm 91 CV67-CVW3 patch

Mint Unissued Gulf War patch

Code: 59957

6.00 GBP

WW2 USAAF 9th Airforce Patch ( British Made felt )

Nice British made wool/felt Sleeve patch small moth hole to the left side just above the 9, but this only really stands out when held up to the light

Code: 59872

15.00 GBP

R.O.T.C ( Reserve Officers Training Corps) wing

Brushed silver R.O.T.C wing with 2 rear pin fixings

Code: 59879

5.00 GBP

1950 issue U.S Air Force Officers peak cap badge, British Made.

1950 issue white metal U.S Air Force Officers Cap Badge, obviously made in the same die as the WW2 brass versions prior to the introduction of white metal, nicely marked on rear Luxemberg, New York, Made in England.This badge originally came from a clear out of Gaunt. This early style was very short lived.

Code: 59214

65.00 GBP

1950 issue US Air Force Navigators Wings ( British Made)

These wings originated from the manufacturer Gaunt in a clear out many years ago. The wing style is clearly that of the WW2 produced Gaunt USAAF Wing, The Centre shield with the newly designed Navigators Badge first appearing circa 1950, early broach back fixing, no makers name , rare wing

Code: 59213


Minnesota Civil Air Patrol Sleeve Patch

Nice early cut edge example, slight damage to 9 o’clock position, but still a rare badge

Code: 59130

5.00 GBP

USAF 96th Test Wing Sleeve Patch, early example

Nice early thin example

Code: 59131

5.00 GBP

USAF Tactical Air Command Sleeve Patch ( early example)

Nice cotton and silk Sleeve patch probably 1950-60s

Code: 59132

6.00 GBP

WW2 U.S.A.A.F Miniature Silver Air crew wings

High quality 2 part Air Crew Wing, for use on summer shirt and often seen as a Sweetheart

Code: 58464