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Royal Navy Printed Shoulder title

Mint example removed from uniform

Code: 60146


WW2 Printed Commando Combined Operations badge

Nice salty example removed from uniform with just the right amount of service wear

Code: 59968


WW2 Commando Combined Ops Locally Made Sleeve badge

Red embroidery on dark blue/black wool backing, Locally Made example removed from uniform with normal service wear for a ‘been there example ‘

Code: 59969


Anodised Royal Marine Officers 2 part cap badge

Bi -metal globe and wreath made by Firmin, top crown has screw back and central strengthening bar

Code: 59844

12.00 GBP

WW1 R.M.L.I ( Royal Marine Light Infantry) Title

Brass shoulder title with coffin shaped rear lug fixings

Code: 59777

20.00 GBP

WW1 R.N.R ( Royal Naval Reserve) Officers Bullion Cap Badge

WW1 Officers Bullion Royal Naval Reserve Cap Badge in superb condition still on its original cap band ribbon

Code: 59542

120.00 GBP

Royal Navy Chaplains Shoulder boards

Mint Unissued Royal Naval Chaplains Shoulder Rank boards

Code: 59493


Reserve Fleet Rifle Club, Champion shot 1949-50 badge

Appears to be sports jacket badge

Code: 59452

8.00 GBP

Post 1902 Royal Navy Officers Bullion Cap Badge & ribbon

Full size padded Bullion Royal Naval Officers ( plus Commonwealth Navy) Cap Badge still Mounted on Original hat band ribbon

Code: 59359

35.00 GBP

Post 1902 Royal Navy Chief Petty Officers Bullion Cap Badge

Nice age patina and service wear

Code: 59282

12.00 GBP