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Palestine Regiment O.Rs cast brass cap badge circa 1942-48

Locally made Palestine Regiment Cap Badge in good condition

Code: 60106


Jewish First Judean Battalion Cap Badge circa 1919-20

Locally cast brass cap badge in great condition

Code: 59976

85.00 GBP

Greek or Cypriot Special Forces Parachute Wing

Mint Unissued example

Code: 59795

10.00 GBP

Oman military forces, cap badge ( Medical Corps?)

Gilt Badge with maroon backing ( Medical colours ?)

Code: 59773


German Army Parachute qualification Wings

Full size cloth wings in great condition, removed from uniform

Code: 59451

8.00 GBP

WW2 French 110th Regiment, Fortress Infantry Collar Badge

Pre 1940 Fortress Infantry Of the 110 Regiment Collar Badge,based in North East France. The numerals are in gold bullion with the 2 front edge bars being in silver grey material Unusual to find in mint unmothed condition,

Code: 59326

25.00 GBP

Argentinian Military Forces 2 part cap badge

Gilt screw back Badge with the National colours of blue and white on top disk

Code: 59305

12.00 GBP

Argentinian Navy Cloth Cap badge

Yellow embroidery on red wool backing badge mounted on screw back metal plate

Code: 59230

12.00 GBP

Argentinian Officers Cavalry School Bullion Cap badge

Well made gold bullion cap badge

Code: 59229

18.00 GBP

Argentinian Mounted Infantry unit Beret Badge

Brass badge with rear screw post fixings

Code: 59227

12.00 GBP