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10th Battalion (Scottish) Kings Liverpool Regiment cap badge

2 part white metal glengarry badge in good condition

Code: 60382

30.00 GBP

WW2 Liverpool Scottish (Cameron) Highlanders cap badge

White metal badge with long rear loop fixings

Code: 60383

14.00 GBP

Early Kings own Scottish Borderers Pagri badge

Normal size KOSB cap badge but with rare Pagri slider fixing

Code: 60284

28.00 GBP

K.O.S.B Glengarry badge with rear Pagri pin fixing

Normal size badge but this example has a rear Pagri pin fixing and a chrome finish, lovely looking badge

Code: 60285


Q.V.C The Royal Highlanders, Black Watch, Glengarry badge

Nice example with age patina, the Left side centre star of the badge has obviously been snapped off as soldier is present on the rear, this is very difficult to spot from the front and when mounted in a display would be very hard to spot

Code: 60198

20.00 GBP

Royal Scots Greys bandsmans cap badge

Scare Royal Scots Greys Other Ranks bandsmans Brass Cap Badge in excellent condition ( KK 1889)

Code: 60024

40.00 GBP

WW1 Tyneside Scottish pals Batt post 1915 Glengarry badge

White metal badge in great condition, 2 rear loop fixings

Code: 60013

30.00 GBP

Q.V.C Highlander Light Infantry O.Rs Glengarry badge

High quality white metal badge, possibly silver plated in great condition

Code: 59962

40.00 GBP

Q.V.C Highland Light Infantry w/m Collar Badge

Victorian H.L.I white metal collar badge in mint condition

Code: 59963

14.00 GBP

WW2 Royal Highlanders ( Black Watch) Glengarry badge

White metal Other Ranks Glengarry Badge in great condition, long rear loop fixings

Code: 59951

14.00 GBP