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The British West Indies Regiment sweetheart by Gaunt

Fine quality tinny gilded brass and enamel sweetheart badge made by Gaunt London

Code: 60416

28.00 GBP

Australian flag patriotic gilt & enamel lapel badge

High quality badge of a quality not seen for many years

Code: 60417

12.00 GBP

WW1 Commonwealth Forces gilded brass & enamel medallion

Nice quality item 46mm high and 40mm across showing the Australian Rising Sun at the top, with the badges of N.Z, Canada and South Africa around the edges, unusual maker appears to be W.O.LEWIS BIRMINGHAM

Code: 60403

50.00 GBP

WW1 C.E.F 8th Battalion (Winnipeg Black Devils) officers silver cap badge

Silver (not hallmarked) Canadian 8th Battalion officers cap badge , nice makers plate to rear, HICKS & SONS LONDON

Code: 60404

80.00 GBP

WW1 C.E.F 8th Battalion (Winnipeg Black Devils) Bi -metal cap badge

2 Part gilt and white metal cap badge probably Officers version made by Hicks

Code: 60405

55.00 GBP

WW1 C.E.F 20th Infantry Battalion (1st Central Ontario Regt) shoulder title

C20 title in good condition

Code: 60406


WW1 Canadian 88th Batt ( Victorian Fusiliers) collar badge

Nice example with some service wear to centre of badge

Code: 60407


WW1 Canadian 62nd Batt ( Vancouver B.C) cap badge

Brass badge in mint condition

Code: 60408

30.00 GBP

WW1 C.E.F 88th Batt (Victoria Fusiliers) cap badge

Superb example

Code: 60409

50.00 GBP

22nd (County of London) Batt The Queens Regt shoulder title

T22 LONDON brass title in great condition

Code: 60410

20.00 GBP